K. Iwata Associates, Inc. offers a wide array of customized diversity and inclusion consulting services.

Our goal is to have the components of any of our services integrate into an overall strategic approach on the organization's "game board" of change and transformation.

Leadership Commitment and Strategic Planning
  • Creation of Conceptual Framework
    • Business rationales for strategic diversity
    • Organizational culture - inhibitor or enhancer?
    • Process vs. program
    • Roles and responsibilities of leaders
    • Fit to achieve business objectives
  • Development of a Strategic Diversity Process Plan
  • Identification and Design of Infrastructure Support and Resources
  • Coaching for Those Who Must Champion the Process
    • Self-assessment
    • Advocacy roles
    • Formal and informal coaching
  • Building Skills and Competencies for Leaders
Infrastructure Development
  • Identification of Appropriate Staff Structures and Procedures
  • Executive Steering Committee
  • Diversity Councils
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Assessment Teams
  • Action Planning Teams
  • Orientation Sessions
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Tailored Cultural Scans
  • Methodology Framework
    • Review of existing data
    • Interviews
    • Culture scan workshop
    • Surveys, as needed
    • Data collapse
    • Root analysis
  • Findings Report
    • Key environment (business challenges)
    • Current prevalent behaviors/practices and values
    • Roots (basic beliefs or assumptions) that drive the organization
    • Impact on organizational diversity objectives
  • Gap Analysis
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Recommendations
  • Action Plan
    • Identification of target action areas
    • Recommendations for improvement
    • Establishment of base line measures
    • Selection of an index of progress measures
Strategic Diversity Education and Competency Building
  • Grounding Sessions to Establish Strategic Diversity Concepts
    • Definition
    • Components (representation, understanding/valuing differences and strategic diversity)
    • Organizational business rationale
    • Strategic fit
    • Requirements
    • What the organization is doing
  • Personal Strategic Diversity Competencies
    • Inclusionary awareness/sensitivity/behavior
    • Developing talent
    • Communicating across various dimensions of diversity
    • Cultural awareness/sensitivity
  • The Effective Diversity Respondent (Source: R. Thomas Consulting and Training)
    • Six characteristics of diversity maturity
    • Managing diversity tensions
Diversity and Inclusion Education and Competency Building
  • Fundamentals
    • What: Vision and Mission
    • Why: Business Case
    • How: Strategic Plan
  • Requirements for Success
    • Organization
    • Team
    • Personal
  • Skill Building with the POWER Competencies
    • Proactive Advocate of Diversity
    • Optimum People Developer
    • Willing Innovator
    • Exemplary Values-Based Decision Maker
    • Results through People Achiever
  • Sample of Specialized Modules
    • Generational Diversity in the Workplace
    • Political Skills for the Workplace
    • Addressing Privilege
    • Diversity and Inclusion Eggshells
    • Multi-cultural Awareness and Skills
    • Thinking and Communication Styles
Coaching For Leaders
  • Personal Profile of Diversity Competency-360 degree assessment and coaching tool
  • Personal Action Plan for Improvement
  • Coaching and monitoring of progress
Conflict Mediation
  • Data Collection
  • Finding Common Ground Dialogues
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Building a Joint Action Plan for Improvement
  • Monitoring of the Plan

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