Differences and SimilaritiesDiversity is about our unique differences but must be balanced by including what we hold in common. Both are necessary to create stellar results. Masterfully combined they create connectivity, innovation, versatility, and enriched solutions. These kind of impacts hold true whether focusing on people, organizational structure, products and services, or markets.
Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Strategic Advantage

Specializing in cultural transformation and infrastructure development, K. Iwata Associates, Inc. empowers organizations to leverage diversity and inclusion as a strategic resource and competitive advantage. For over 20 years, K. Iwata Associates, Inc. has worked with private and public sector organizations to be a change catalyst for leaders and organizations who believe that different perspectives, cultures, backgrounds, experiences, approaches and styles lead to profitability through high employee commitment, customer delight and greater innovation.

  • Leadership Commitment and Strategic Planning
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Assessment
  • Strategic Diversity Education and Competency Building

Our Book The Power of Diversity Reveals five POWER competencies required to be a Diversity-Competent manager and leader. The book is filled with practical ideas, tools, and resources to help you develop your Diversity-Competency and improve your ability to manage and lead in a diverse environment.